Thursday, September 6, 2012


Have you ever had Hibiscus (Jamaica) tea?   I love its light flowery berry citrus fragrance and taste.  When I go to a Mexican restaurant, I use to LOVE to order jamaica juice if they had it.  I still do from time to time, but can do without all the sugar.  I also love it in an herbal tea form which is caffeine-free. The one from Republic of Tea comes from Nigeria where Hibiscus tea is known to help cool the body in hot weather.

Current studies suggest hibiscus is significantly effective in maintaining healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is also known to fight cell-damaging free radicals with its powerful antioxidants and to help strengthen the immune system. Further research suggests there are beneficial anti-inflammatory and mild anti-bacterial properties in hibiscus as well.  This Hibiscus tea delivers hints of berry and bright citrus flavors. Only sustainable ingredients are used.

I love to mix Hibiscus tea with different juices.  This version I made is a refreshing mix of the following:


2 parts hibiscus tea
1 part fresh watermelon juice
1 part fresh strawberry juice 
2 limes, juice of
1-2 limes, sliced (whole round slices)

Mix all ingredients together in a large pitcher with slices of lime , chill and serve.

So refreshing!


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