Christine Roseberry

Hi, my name is Christine.  I am a lover of raw foods and am passionate about guiding individuals to find their inner GLOW of health by means of the raw food diet, along with other lifestyle changes.  Since the age of 18 I have suffered with severe pain and chronic fatigue caused by fibromyalgia.  I had tried every herb, medication and treatment possible with minimal improvement.  Now having adopted a healthier lifestyle and the raw food diet, I have been free of fibro symptoms for a year!
I am a Registered Nurse, specializing in Pediatrics and Gastroenterology, and a Certified Natural Health Practitioner with a Ph.d in Holistic Nutrition from the University of Natural Health. My own personal health journey, studies of health science, and professional experience give me the unique understanding and insight needed in guiding clients onto their path of health and rejuvenation.
To read more about Christine, visit Just Glowing with Health.

Britney Manuel

Britney is ½ the brain child of BtanJerine, the offbeat jewelry company providing adornments & embellishments for the body.  You can see her shop here on Etsy. Other endeavors include, sending handwritten letters, and making homemade soups.  Beliefs she holds to be true: You can always trust someone with curly hair, and conversations are best had in a quaint coffee shop.   She has a weakness for polka dots, and stripes make her weak in the knees.  She laments that she left her heart on the streets of Cinque Terre, where people say things like, “jacketo”((( with an Italian accent and flailing hands))).  She hangs her hat in the “West side”…Southern CA that is, with her daughter and muse.

Jean-Marie Payne
Hi, my name is Jean-Marie and I am a thirty something mother of 2. I love all things natural and all things creative. And so, I love to cloth diaper, cook yummy food for my family, and make jewelry; and am the other half of BtanJerine. This past June I was diagnosed with a type of cancer called sarcoma. And there starts my story with Raw food. I have heard, seen, and witnessed the benefits of eating this way. I am NOT 100% raw as I am currently recovering from surgery and about to start a treatment, but I stick as close as time and energy allows. I look forward to sharing with you all some of the things that I love as I discover this new (and not so new) amazing way of eating.

Yumi Payne

Hi, its me Yumi. Little sister of 'A Simply Raw Life' and fellow lover of foods healthy & fresh. I am a former 'black thumb' who couldn't keep a house plant alive, turned vegetable gardener in recent years. I love taking the harvest to the table alongside my husband - my better half. Together we love exploring new places, new food, new crafts and finding ways to be creative & resourceful. I love being behind the lens of a camera and you can find me elsewhere over at Natsukashii where I chronicle bits of my life through photos, interests and other random musings. Thank you for stopping into A Simply Raw Life! Enjoy!
To learn more about Yumi, you can find her at Natsukashii.

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