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When first starting out on the raw food diet, some may start feeling a little overwhelmed focusing on all the food they can no longer eat.  They start feeling very limited and even deprived.  I have to say that after being on a mostly raw food diet now for almost two years, I can assure you it is definitely not a diet of deprivation.  In fact, this is one diet where you can eat until your heart is content, no calorie counting whatsoever and the variety of food is endless!  So, I just wanted to share a few tips to help you stay focused on the positive of raw foods and not get overwhelmed by negative thinking.
First of all don’t think of yourself as being deprived, but think of it as a new adventure that you are embarking on.  One with endless possibilities,  that’s fun and pleasurable.  Start by adding raw foods into your diet.  No one is forcing you to do it to any certain percentage, it is up to you the extent that you want to go raw.  Most  raw foodies  are not 100 hundred percent raw, so don’t feel pressured to be all or nothing, until if and when you are ready to do so.
Take time to search for fresh, ripe exotic fruit or fruit that you have never tried before.  You will be amazed at the wide variety there is.  The apple alone has over 7,500 varieties!  Even if you do not have access to a large variety of fruit it is possible to mail order from the internet.  The same goes for vegetables too.  Try all the colors of the rainbow, each has its own nutritional value and we benefit from all of them.
Start thinking about how very soon if not immediately you will start feeling amazing!  Get excited about all the things you will be able to accomplish with more energy and feeling better.  From the very first raw food meal I had, I immediately saw improvement in my digestion!
Read others testimonials and experiences of going on the raw food diet and how they transitioned initially.  If you haven’t already, start getting acquainted with all the benefits of the raw food diet and lifestyle.  Start perusing the internet for raw food blogs that have recipes or health articles about going raw.  (For more tips, articles and raw food recipes click HERE.
Keeping your meals simple with mostly whole, fresh foods is very important.  Trying to create gourmet dishes can be time consuming and overwhelming.  Inspire yourself by investing in a few good raw food recipe books to help you get ideas on different dishes to prepare.  Also, make your food appealing with its presentation.  Live foods make for such gorgeous presentation with all the vibrant colors.  It’s like a work of art.  If it appeals to the eyes that gets your mouth watering.
Using these tips you can make the transition into raw foods a pleasurable journey.  Have fun and experiment seeing what works for you and soon you too will be glowing with health!


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These are great reminders! I am going to remember this! Thanks

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