Monday, December 3, 2012


It's been a slightly rough week last week and with my son under the weather this weekend and house guests from out of town, you can imagine the busy-ness.  Time to kick things into gear!   A couple of my contributors and I are kicking it up an notch and will be doing a 10 day food challenge.  Raw to mostly raw food for 10 days without diviating.  No processed foods.  Is anyone with us?  
Our contributor Jean-Marie, who's cancer is in remission and currently cancer free after a few months of treament, will be posting most days about what she is doing and how the challenge is going.  Let's support her and all who will taking part.  I am going to join the band wagon with her and do this challenge. Nothing complicated, just eating mostly foods as we can to each meal.  We may add a fresh vegan meal here and there, but mostly raw.
Here are a couple helpful charts to help us keep these food in the forefront of our minds.

We know its not easy to stay focused on eating right, so let's help each other do it and get focused!
Have a great week everyone!  Let's do this!


uknowlikeaustralia said...

Count me in! When do we start?

Jean-Marie said...

Can you start tomorrow? I started today... My Internet has been down so haven't got to post yet about it... Brit started today too... Do what you can. It should be tons of fun! Yay!

Felicia said...

uknowlikeaustralia, most of us are starting today. Let's do it! xF

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