Thursday, December 6, 2012


Warm Sweet Potato Goodness... This will leave your belly warm and happy. 
Incredibly easy to make. We will be posting recipe soon.

Day 3: Mostly Raw Food Challenge

Preparation is everything!!!

Today was a little more challenging. And that's why I started this post the way I did. Preparation really is everything. Any goal we set out to accomplish must first be planned out. I planned out my first 2 days.  I had my food, recipes, smoothies all planned out and it all went as planned. Today was going to be a food shopping day and planning out the next few days... But that never happened. I have kids, appointments, etc... Life got in the way. So, it ended up being a harder day.

I have to say though, it started out great... I made a fantastic warm Sweet Potato Drink that would knock your socks off!  In fact I think this drink will be my new go to winter drink rather than my normal Hot Chocolate, and if any of you out there have had my Hot Chocolate you know that is saying a lot... I love my Hot Chocolate! But I have found a new healthy alternative.  I'm super excited about that.

But as the day progressed I didn't plan my time right. At noon, I was irritated.  I should have had my salad ready, but I didn't and I was starving for a mid afternoon snack.  I did stick to my food challenge, but I have to admit if I had a hamburger in front of me it would have been devoured!  But I didn't and the kids were sleeping so I was stuck at home with whatever was left in the fridge. My Mom is visiting and made me a salad.  I was so thankful for that and I had a PB&J sandwich for a snack... Dinner was Minestrone Soup.  So Delicious! In the evening we watched Forks over Knifes... This is a must see Documentary!  So, All I can say is tomorrow I plan on planning... and I'm ever more committed to sticking to the food challeng. I love my fresh veggies & fruits!!!

So, one last thought is this... Remember tomorrow is a new day.  If you, like me, didn't plan right and so maybe you ended up eating something you didn't want to; don't beat yourself up.  Just remind yourself as to why you want to do this and start fresh tomorrow.

Join the discussion:

What have you done to get through your mid afternoon slump? Have you found a new favorite food while doing the challenge? Leave me a comment. I'd love to hear all about it.


Felicia said...

I can't even tell you how timely and right on your post it. I had this exact same conversation with two people on the challenge yesterday. I had just went grocery shopping yesterday because I was totally out of food. I was scrambling at lunch. But was so happy I planned out some meals and went to the store, otherwise I don't know what I would have eaten. lol Great job JMP... xF

yumi said...

Can't wait for this recipe! And thank you for sharing this post. Something we can all relate to and a good reminder to remember that tomorrow is a new & fresh day :) xoxo

ShutterDee said...

This "sisterhood" plus some guys is so great and encouraging!! I think we all feel the same!!

uknowlikeaustralia said...

Thanks for sharing this!!! I actually began the challenge yesterday because last week was just too busy to plan (our blender also was broken). With a new blender and a stocked fridge, I'm ready to hit it! Go RAW!

Felicia said...

You have been doing great so far anyways, uknowlikeaustralia!! Raw Raw Raw!

Felicia said...

Shutterdee, yes love this community of heathly eaters!!

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