Thursday, November 8, 2012


I  just love how these came out.  I posted my sushi rice salad last week HERE which was super delicious.  My life has been a bit crazy these past couple of weeks, but I finally was able to get this post up for you.  It may take a little practice to roll these babies, but the key is to keep everything tight and tucked in.  Now-a-days, there aren't set rules as to what you can put into a sushi roll so, be creative and use your favorite veggies.
Prepare your favorite vegetables cut into long strips.
The rice is made of Jicama that has been processed in a food processor.  But don't process it too much or it will become too mushy.  Then put the Jicama in a cheese cloth and squeeze out all the water.


Start with the jicama rice as I noted above and drizzle in sushi rice vinegar, about 2-3 table spoons.  Taste as you pour it in, some people may not like the strong vinegar tasate. Then lay out the rice on a sheet of nori on top of your sushi rolling matt.  You can get these at most asian food store for cheap.   Lay a small amount of vegetables in the center.  Don't stuff it or you will not be able to roll it and it will not stay closed. 

Take the edge closeed to you along with the mat and tuck it over and under the vegetables.  Form it with your hands on top of the mat and slowly inch by inch pull the mat away from you and shape the roll with your hands as you keep pulling it out.  Let it sit for a few minutes as you roll all your rolls.  Then cut using a very sharp slightly wet knife.  And voila!
Super delicious and not too difficult.  Just give it a try and practice a few times.  You can also make this vegan and use your favorite rice.  Rolling with rice may be slightly easier as it is more sticky but both are very tasty.
Here are shots of the nori and seasoned rice vinegar I used.

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Deborah said...

Looks and sounds delicious!

Felicia said...

Thank you Deborah! Definitely worth the effort. xF

Britney Manuel said...

You make everything seem possible! Now I think I can make this!! ha!

Felicia said...

Britney, Thank you!! Anything is possible. ;) xF

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