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Written by contibutor Jean-Marie Payne of Btanjerine and A Simply Raw Life.  Jean-Marie is a cancer survior who turned to Raw/Vegan food to combat this terrible disease with success.  

How I got started

So, Switiching to an all Raw/Vegan lifestyle isn't easy. Back in July when I made the switch it was out of necessity and so the switch happened literally over night. One day I was eating my normal Standard American Diet and the next day I was eating Raw/Vegan. The thing that proved to be the easiest and simpliest way for me to change so quickly was smoothies. I was drinking 3 very large smoothies a day... Each one was probably 32-38 oz each... and let me tell you if you drink that much green juice a day, there just really isn't enough room for that much food... LOL!! But what was great about this was they tasted good and I didn't have to think much about food. Just blend and go. And my body didn't have to do too much work in digesting either. We started experimenting and we did chocolate smoothies, fruity smoothies, and even some with just veggies... and just to make it fun I would sometimes just pick a color and everything in my fridge that was that color had to go into the smoothie... You would be so surprised at what tastes good in a smoothie. One of my favorite finds was zucchini. It has no taste and is packed full of nutirents and so in my smoothie they would go...
My challenge to you is try drinking 2 large smmothies a day and see how you feel at the end of the week or 10 days... You too will be loving your green smoothies, your new out look on life, and your new body!! Let me know how you feel after you do your week challenge...
My favorite smoothies drink base:


1 Banana
Hand full of Kale
1 cup of Almond Milk
1/4 cup frozen green peas or 1/2 to 1 fresh zucchini
1 date
Add anything else and you are golden
(if you need more liquid add water)
Chocolate powder gives you a dreamy chocolate shake
Strawberries & pineapple & coconut flakes gives you a more tropical feel
Anything is possible!!!
I always tried to drink one smoothie without nuts. Here's what I would put in this one:


1 or 2 Carrots
1 celery stalk(which is great for depression or sad thoughts)
1 orange (peeled), hand full of spinach
1 apple, ginger(just a small piece) & water.
Blend in the blender or vitamix. and strain out half of the pulp. I think the fiber is good thats why I don't juice this one. But it is super fiberous so if you can stand it drink everything. But for me I would just strain out part of the fiber.

Don't forget to add parsley when you have it. It is a super food and it has only a few properties less than wheat grass. And the taste isn't too bad. 
And remember you can top off your smoothie with chia seeds, fresh berries. gogi berries, coconut and the like.  Skies the limit!

Join the discussion!

Do you have a story about how Raw or Vegan food changed your life or a fabulous smoothie recipe? We would love to hear what it is! Share it in the comments below. Links are welcome.

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