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I only know one or two people who have never tasted Nutella, which is strange because you would think everyone must have tasted Nutella once in their life! It's nostalgic to me.  Growing up, I loved the taste of spreading it on toast, eating it with fruit or just taking a spoonful to into my mouth.  Who doesn't like Nutella, really?  When I starting eating more plant based and more raw, I had a ton of friends ask me to figure out a raw Nutella recipe.  Well, here's a great start.  I got my inspiration from Fragrant Vanilla Cake.  Amy is so good at transforming our old favorite desserts into fabulous raw creations!  This recipe is not as super creamy as the original Nutella, but let me tell you, its super chocolatey good for sure.



1 cup raw hazelnuts
1 teaspoon sea salt
1/3 cup agave nectar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
4 tablespoons raw cacao powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/3 cup almond milk

Blend the hazelnuts in a food processor until finely ground.  Add the sea salt, agave, cinnamon, and Vanilla and process utnil its combined well.  While the motor is running, add the almond milk slowly to make it smooth, for 1-2 minutes or more.  Blend it until is very smoooth.  Store in an air tight jar in the refrigerator and enjoy!

What do you like eating your raw nutella with?

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uknowlikeaustralia said...

Now you've done it Fe!!! I've lost about 7lbs on the Raw/Vegan diet and because of this recipe, I'm sure to gain it all back and THEN some! Love Nutella with all my heart! I can't wait to try this.

Felicia said...

uknowlikeaustralia! You are too funny! You really have been doing awesome! You won't gain it back! Well, unless you eat jars and jars. lol xF

ShutterDee said...

Kids devour this! One of my favs!!

Felicia said...

Shutterdee! its so delicious!! Made batch using a little coconut oil. Yum!!

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