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I am really not one to be star struck since I've lived in Los Angeles my whole life, but yesterday my friends and I were.  Even though I was jetlagged and it was carmageddon this past weekend in Los Angeles (the busiest freeway in the world was shut down for 2 days due to construction), we made our way over to Santa Monica to check out  M.A.K.E. one of our favorite chef's, Matthew Kenney's new raw food restaurant.  It opened to the public this past Saturday, September 29th. 
First of all, I  love the Santa Monica Place!  It's a fabulous location.  Perfect weather year round and minutes from the beach.  I dine in that area frequently, and this is where I bring many out of town visitors when I want to show them around. If you want to make a day of it, rent some bikes at the Santa Monica Bike Center at the bottom floor of Santa Monica Place and take a ride for a few hours along the beach, come back and have dinner at M.A.K.E.  The perfect afternoon, really.  M.A.K.E. is located on the top floor of the Santa Monica Place where the Market Place is.
I don't know if I can formulate the words to describe exactly what we experienced last night.  The mix of flavors used in each dish were so fabulous and very carfully thought out, it really blew our minds.  We spent three hours savoring every bite we put into our mouth.  Truly, just divine.
We were fortunate too that Matthew happened to be there that evening.  What a treat!  We were able to chat with him for a bit - he is so nice and kind.  We were star struck!
If you get a chance, make your way over to M.A.K.E.  It's an experience you won't forget.  It will inspire you to continue your journey to eat clean and healthy foods.  Experience how different flavors can mesh together to create something so unique and beautiful.
Here are some photos we took with Instagram and our iPhones...
view of restaurant; our gracious server with the general manager and chef scott winegard; M.A.K.E. menu; bar view

fabulous three "cheese" plate; chocolate walnut cake with licorice icecream, pear, candied fennel and sassafras; fragrant sorbet dessert, bartlett pear soup with young celery and juniper oil

wild mushroom mole, cashew crema, red chili, avocado tacos; celery, cucumber, lemon and fennel juiced drink; grapefruit, beet, carrot ginger, juiced drink; flatbread, hummus, jewel box tomato, fennel, capers and mint
Can I just chime in here and ask what you think of these dishes?  You must go and try them for yourselves, really... no words.

matthew kenney and me; another kitchen shot with scott winegard; restaurant shot, matthew kenney culinary; matthew kenney and the gang, contributors christine and britney, me and kelsey
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uknowlikeaustralia said...

The tacos and flatbread. . . oh my my! My mom brought me back a few goodies and I ate every last bite. So delicious! I MUST go and SOON!

Felicia said...

uknowlikeaustralia, The mushroom mole tacos are so divine!! I am definitely getting that when I go back too! xF

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